Guided tasting of Miraculum in 3 different ways 

By Brewer Jeremy Pryes

Miraculum: Dry hopped with over 50 lbs of hops, this hoppy citrusy IPA finishes with light malt notes and sweet undertones, cutting the bitterness to round out the palate. This IPA finishes very clean, making it a great beer to pair with food.
1) Miraculum - Draft Form - In all its glory in what you would have if you ordered it from many of our local establishments. 
2) Miraculum - Cask form - This is where we take some beer out of the fermentor early and add different flavors to it. In this example we will be adding “grapefruit zest” to it. We then seal it up in as seporate vessel called a firkin. This is also where the beer will finish its fermentation, develop its natural carbination and blend it flavors until we hammer a spigot in it and serve. 
3) Miraculum - Hop Rocket Style - Miraculum couldn’t taste more like spring unless you run it through, yep, you guessed it, more hops. ;) We will be taking Miraculum and running it through a small vessel that is packed with whole leaf hops. This will allow Miraculum to pickup all the hop oils almost second before you take a sip. ;) 

Pryes Brewing Company was founded by brewer, Jeremy Pryes, a home brewer who spent years perfecting his recipes before launching his first beer to the public. Jeremy’s passion for brewing came from his love of building things from scratch, his culinary arts background and his first hand experiences with the local brewing scene, first as an official beer judge and then as a board member for the local Community Hops Garden. Driven by the process of creating and understanding how things are built, Jeremy’s time working in the technology industry also helped him create a meticulous brewing methodology, tracking, measuring and honing his recipes. Jeremy has a won a number of homebrewer awards for his beers and meads as well as the "Harvest Festivals' People's Choice Best Beer Award" for his first public release, "Miraculum".

Pryes Brewing Company:
Balanced, stand alone beers. Each style grounded in it's history, but inspired through an exploration of brewing techniques and ingredients. Founded by Jeremy Pryes (pronounced Prize), a meticulous home brewer with a passion for the handcrafted, Pryes Brewing represents the character and quality that goes into creating truly unique beers.
In its' 7 months of sales, Pryes Brewing won "Harvest Festivals' People's Choice Best Beer Award" for "Miraculum", has been featured in multiple publications such as Growler, City Pages, MN Beer Activists, and MSP Magazine, as well as grown to over 40 accounts in the Twin Cities.