By Mark McTavish of HalfPint Cider

Hard cider, America's old time adult beverage is on the comeback. To most Americans, hard cider is known as an overly sweet and poorly made alco-pop beverage....typically produced by large breweries and consumed by college students. Hold on to your glass, and get ready to have your impression of hard cider turned upside down! We will explore four distinct cider styles as we taste through some of the most delightful beverages ever made with apples. If you have taste buds and love a good story, this tasting workshop will not disappoint.

Tasting Menu

Rustic vs Refined (Troy Cider MMXIII vs Waupoos Premium Draught)
Artisan vs Craft (Riestra Sidra Brut vs. Sea Cider Prohibition)

Bio: As a native of Toronto, Mark was raised in the apple country of Southwest Ontario. Destined to become a cider evangelist, Mark began his career in the craft beverage industry at the age of 19. Soon after completing his business degree at Canada's top beverage management school,  Mark established his place in the industry by opening one of the first craft beer bars in Canada back in 2003. After helping to pioneer the craft beer industry in Canada, Mark began to give up the suds in favor of cider! Fast forward to 2015....Mark is now the founder of a cider exclusive importing and distribution company based in Los Angeles, and he is also the proud owner of a renowned Sonoma based cider brand.