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The explosion in craft beer has had numerous repercussions, some obvious and others less so. One change that all of us here at the Hand Crafted Tasting Co. are increasingly grateful for is the appearance of quality craft at our local bars, resturaunts, and mini mart. 

But with this explosion of quality craft choices come decisions, because try as some of us might, there are simply not enough hours in the day, nor days in the year to sample every new labor of love that is released at a relentless pace.  It is your need for truly useful and relevant information, and our mission to provide it to you, that has inspired us to proudly present to you our latest improvement to each Craft Beer Festival: The Craft Concierge Center. 

The Craft Concierge Center

The Craft Concierge Center is typically located in the center of the festival and is where you can find the knowledgeable and deeply erudite folks that the Hand Crafted Tasting Co. turns to when we puzzle over how best to cater to our patrons.  Please consider yourself introduced to our talented and multifaceted panel of craft devotees.

Streamlined Untappd Check-ins

Also, our friends at Untappd unveil a streamlined social check-in feature. Using a QR scanning app installed on your Apple or Android smartphone, you will be able to quickly and easily reference a wide body of pertinent information effortlessly.

Untappd is an app that allows you to socially share the brew you're currently enjoying, as well as where you're enjoying it, with your friends! To find more about Untappd - check out

Sense Lab

In hopes of encompassing as many learning styles as possible we are also including in the Craft Concierge Center a Sense Lab. Stop by for guided taste and feel sessions of several types of malt and hops, taking your palate to a whole new level.